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Normally when analysing or studying personalities, we are directed to the notion that we can only operate in one of the four personalities. However, you will be interested to know how as explained in this book,  all humans possess  ability and access to use all four of these amazing gifts from God.

This gateway book will transposition you to embracing who you are in more exciting ways. You will learn to understand yourself and your spiritual giftings in ways that will produce the changes and leadership you have always dreamt of or leadership you are not aware you had the ability to bring about.

I call it a gateway book because it will stoke you with more desire to rediscover the unlimited power found in your God given personality. There are fundamental truths that will transform how you handle and appreciate your strengths and weaknesses. It is designed both to empower and to encouraged you to become the best version of yourself.

As you go through the examples and stories in this book it will help you understand the intricacies and impact your upbringing, surrounding and circumstances have had on your spiritual personality and the need to make necessary adjustments for healing and restoration. This is a gateway to rise above set-backs and to maximize your potential. Three words that describe and characterize this book are Gateway, transposition, and transformation.

About The Book

A note to the reader

To clarify the differences between each personality, God made man balanced in spirit, soul, and body, then imbued mankind with supernatural abilities to carry out His dominion on Earth (Genesis 1:26–27).

My hope and prayer for this book is to reinforce the restoration process of man through Christ and to facilitate the revelation of God in bringing mankind back to his original purpose. It will take a strong combination of both leader and follower personalities to bring mankind to the place of total authority and deliverance to emerge as the ideal human.

From the kingdom perspective, social scientists and the evolutionists, all will find the various concepts in this book vital for judging how best to determine the growth of learning. In addition,
the strategies conveyed in this book, will further encourage the applicability to the improvement of structural learning at levels in different disciplines across societies at large. The scriptures paint the original picture, illustrating these unique personalities in clear terms.

In secular study structures, people are directed to see themselves as possessing just one of these personalities, whereas from the kingdom standpoint, everyone possesses all these personalities. The process of restoration, however, will reveal to the individual which personality is primary, and the ones which are secondary, thus bringing balance to the person’s heart.

On a massive scale, when a society is armed with such understanding, they can readily accept and make provisions to mine the vast wealth of gifts and talent buried within the general population.

Diversity in the larger communities is a treasure to any society. If that strength can be harnessed through strategic planning, teaching, and the creation of opportunities in the education system, students grow to know their personality and the importance of exploring and using their “power,” as it were. This structure will provide a platform formidable enough to facilitate the discovery and introduction of new, meaningful, and impactful transformational leadership.

As you read further, you will discover the rich reserve that God has placed in you and how you can tap into it. My hope is that you will appreciate yourself, your peers, and possibly find your
calling and assignment in God. After your discovery, you will also be able to weaponize these discoveries to create positive impact among your families, your communities, and your nation.
What I hope and pray is that this book will fulfill its purpose, which is to bring you to a true place of healing and empowerment through self-discovery, gift-recovery, and God-discovery. A place where we realize that all these qualities are buried deep inside us by God as potential to be explored, recovered, and enjoyed (Psalm 23:3).

Happy reading!

What’s inside

Part 1

Chapter 1 Something Went Wrong – The effects of Sin
Chapter 2 In the Process – The Concept of Brokenness
Chapter 3 This Is For All – Major Characteristics of the Four Personalities
Chapter 4 “…Then We Can Soar!” – Environmental Conditions
Chapter 5 “…Untamed… – Parental Gift Disposition and Upbringing
Chapter 6 “…The Blessing of Poverty” – Social Conditions
Chapter 7 “…I Do Not Want It!” – Generational Curse vi
Chapter 8 Scaling of Possibilities – Your Dreams are Calling for Manifestation
Chapter 9 The Vision Question – Living by Design


Chapter 10 Finding the Right Life Partner
Chapter 11 Finding the Right Carrier
Chapter 12 Choosing the Right Business
Chapter 13 Developing Entrepreneurial Skill
Chapter 14 Raising Children
Chapter 15 Working Under Stressful Conditions
Chapter 16 Finding Where to Live
Chapter 17 Curse or Blessing
Chapter 18 Receiving Inner Healing
Chapter 19 Understanding Role Play in Leadership
Chapter 20 Developing Leadership Skills
Chapter 21 Leadership Deployment
Chapter 22 Team Building
Chapter 23 Understanding Team Members
Chapter 24 Romantic Relationships
Chapter 25 Personality Adoption
Chapter 26 Table of strengths and weaknesses
Chapter 27 Restoration Project
Overview of How to Restore Personality
End Note



End Note

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well” (Psalm 139:14). This verse firmly speaks about the mystery of God’s wisdom, as to the marvellous combination of such powerful personalities to create one integral being called mankind. Intricately interwoven, these personality types are a worthy study.
In retrospect, we must develop a great working relationship with God and ourselves before any other relationships such as people, money, career, and even having children, so as not to become so engrossed in others that we neglect the riches and the glory of God.

About Alexander


He is a qualified and registered minister and an author who has written several practical and inspiring books over the years. When he is not writing, he is impacting the lives of many as a keynote speaker at leadership and entrepreneurial forums and as the lead pastor at Claypot Church International. He is married to Judith Emoghene and they both reside in The Netherlands.

“Personal Leadership is the art of inspiring courage toward a positive change” Alexander Emoghene

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